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For information about the styles and sizes of our storage sheds, or for prices and sizes on our lawn furniture and décor, please contact Hilltop Mini Buildings and Lawn Décor at (309)596-2684 or (309)749-9547, or email us at quality@hilltoplawndecor.com.

Mennonite-Built Storage Sheds

Our Mennonite-built Storage Sheds are well-known for quality material, construction, and workmanship. They are available in treated wood, metal, or painted, and there is also an option for vinyl siding. We offer shed styles in Garden Sheds, Utility Sheds, Lofted Utility Sheds, Regular Barns, Lofted Barns, Side-Lofted Barns, Cabins, and Garages, as-well-as Open-Sided Sheds, Chicken Coops, and Gazebos. All of our styles are built fully assembled and ready to use with their own treated floor on treated 4x6 runners. The 2x4 framed single or double doors are individually key locked and a diamond tread plate at the entrance adds to the attractiveness and keeps the edge of the floor squared. All of the lofted style sheds have a loft at each end for 14 ft. lengths and longer, or one loft in the back for 12 foot or less. There is also an option for a U-shaped loft. Ramps are available for easy access. A metal roof allows for the placement of an optional ridgecap to let in light. Many other options are also available. Sheds range in size from 8x8 up to 12x32.

The treated runners under the shed may be placed directly on the ground; but to provide a level spot for your shed we recommend you prepare a level 3 to 5 inch gravel base (NOT pea gravel), or for smaller sheds patio blocks may be used. The customer is responsible for obtaining necessary permits and following code restraints.

Pressure Treated Wood Sheds

Pressure Treated Wood sheds have the following features: they are treated to protect against termite and decay; treated T-111 siding is used; nails are treated against rust and stains; screened air vents are place on each side of the shed for circulation/temperature control; and the shed is stained with Cedar color stain.

Metal Sheds

These quality wood-framed metal sheds are maintenance free and are available in many choices of colors. Standard is wall and roof panels of one color with trim in another color. Or, you may have the roof color to match the trim. There are many color choices from which to choose.

Painted Sheds

Painted Sheds are constructed from 3/8 inch Smartside siding with groves every 8 inches. Wall stud construction is on 16 inch centers, giving the shed extra strength. This is a very low-maintenance siding and you have many color choices from which to choose. Color match is available – call us for details.

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Styles of Sheds — Available in wood, metal & painted

Garden Sheds

The Mennonite Garden Shed comes standard with one window and the doors are on the side wall of the shed. It is available in sidings of wood, metal, or painted, or an option allows you to have vinyl siding. The sheds have a metal roof in your choice of colors. Shed sizes in 8x8 or 8x10 have one 4-foot door and 1 window. Sheds 8x12 or larger have double doors (6 foot total) and one window.

Utility Sheds

Our Mennonite-built Utility Sheds come standard with the doors on the end wall of the shed. Options are available for you to add other doors, windows, or a Ridgelight for letting in light from the roof peak. A metal roof is available in your choice of many colors. These sheds are available in your choice of sidings – wood, metal, or painted, and an option is available for vinyl siding if you prefer.

Lofted Utility Shed

Our Mennonite-built Lofted Utility Shed has the same features as our Garden Sheds or Utility Sheds, thus giving you high sidewalls for good headroom to use as a shop, storage, or potting shed. The roof on the Lofted Utility Shed is steeper in order to accommodate a loft in the upper part of the shed. A free ladder is included to give you access to the loft. Doors for this shed can be placed on the end wall or the side wall. Options are also available for extra doors or windows. The shed is available in your choice of wood, metal, or painted siding.

Regular Barns

Our Mennonite-built Regular Barn is our economy model, designed for a long life of storage use. It has ample headroom and spacious storage area with only 4 foot side walls and 6 foot end walls. Choose standard single or double doors with standard heavy-duty keyed lock. You may choose from wood, metal, or painted siding and the metal roof has many colors from which to choose.

Lofted Barns

Our Mennonite-built Lofted Barn is designed for extra storage with a loft at each end and an inside access (an option for a U-shaped loft is also available). A free ladder is included with the barn for access to the loft. The Lofted Barn is available in wood, metal, or painted, or an option is also available for vinyl siding. Sheds have a metal roof with many colors from which to choose.

Mennonite Side-Lofted Barn

Our Mennonite Side-Lofted Barn comes standard with two windows and doors located on the side wall. Lofts with inside access are located at each end of the shed (an option for a U-shaped loft is also available). A free ladder is included with this barn for access to the loft. An option allows you to add shutters and flower boxes if desired. The sheds are available in wood, metal, or painted, and an option allows for vinyl siding if desired.

Portable Garages

Our Mennonite-built Portable Garages come standard with an Overhead Door, a 6’8” steel Walk-In Door, one window, and an aluminum Threshold under the overhead door. The floor is reinforced to hold your car, tractor, or other heavy-duty items. Optional windows are available. The Garages are available in wood, metal, or painted, with an option for vinyl siding if you desire.


Cabins come standard built in Wood; however, they are available in metal or painted for an extra charge. The cabins come standard with a 4 foot porch which is measured in with the length of the cabin. Cabins are available in sizes from 8x12 up to 12x32. Options are available to add railings around the porch. There are 2 styles of Cabins – the Regular Cabin and the Lofted Cabin – and each one has their own distinctions.

Open-Sided Sheds

Protect your livestock with these Amish special-built sheds with an open side through which your animals can easily enter or exit. These quality sheds are built from premium steel and are available in sizes from 10x10 up to 12x24 with many color choices. Each shed comes standard with kickpanels made of 6 rows of 2x8 Southern Yellow Pine Tongue and Grove. The shed has no floor and rests on 4x6 treated runners located directly on the ground. The ceiling is insulated to prevent condensation. The shed measures 8 foot high in front, 6 foot high in back, and has an opening that is 7 foot high. Other features of these quality sheds include 2x6 rafters, 2x4 framing, solid 2 inch framing and kickplate, and an anchoring kit. Some customers have used the smaller Open-Sided-Sheds as a place to store cut wood over the winter for their fireplaces.

Rectangular Gazebo

The Rectangular Gazebo is built to enhance your outdoor living with a shady spot to locate your lawn furniture or picnic table. It is built from pressure-treated lumber, has lattice railings and decorations, and treated deck boards are used for the floor. A screening kit option is also available. The screening kit includes a screened door to add to the side or end opening, screening is place under the deck board flooring, and screening on the sides are in panels so they can be removed if desired.

Chicken Houses

This stylish treated-lumber chicken house allows you to safely keep chickens and yet be able to gather the eggs from the outside of the house. An entrance door is located at one end of the chicken house so you can enter the inside. The house stands on legs and measures 7 foot 2 inches tall from ground to roof peak. It is 6 foot 3 inches long and 4 foot 4 inches wide plus another 11 inches for the nesting boxes on one side. The nesting boxes have 2 weighted lids on the outside of the house which lift up to allow you to gather the eggs from outside the house. Two screened windows above the nesting boxes plus 3 air vents on the other walls allow for good ventilation.

Chicken Coop & Pen

This 12 foot long treated-lumber Chicken Coop & Pen has the same house design as the Chicken House. However, this coop & pen is on skids and allows you to pull it from one area to another. A fenced pen is located below and behind the coop and a ramp allows chickens to enter/exit the coop. There is also a door at the back of the pen for your use so you can enter the pen.

For Larger Flocks of Chickens

We can also customize one of our regular storage sheds into a chicken house. Custom features can include nesting boxes, roosting bar, chicken door, and extra vents and/or windows. Ask us about details.