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For information about the styles and sizes of our storage sheds, or for prices and sizes on our lawn furniture and décor, please contact Hilltop Mini Buildings and Lawn Décor at (309)596-2684 or (309)749-9547, or email us at quality@hilltoplawndecor.com.

Hilltop Mini Buildings and Lawn Décor

Hilltop Mini Buildings and Lawn Décor is a family-owned business, begun in 1999 by John Pollock when his woodworking hobby became a full-time business. Before starting his own business, John had been manager/builder of the Structures Department for a company that built pole buildings. Building has been a primary part of John’s work-life and thus he is well acquainted with the importance of good craftsmanship and quality construction.

John builds many of the lawn decorations we sell. He is a “detail” builder who strongly believes in the importance of quality-made products that will last throughout years of use. He strives for beauty and detail on each piece he builds or sells.

In addition to the products John builds, we are also dealers for Amish-made poly lawn furniture and Mennonite-built storage sheds. The Amish and Mennonites are well-known for their quality of craftsmanship, so this addition to our product line fits well into our belief of quality and care in workmanship.

In 2011, John’s grandson, Jeremy Nelson, joined the business and is in charge of the storage shed portion of the business. Jeremy is often complimented by our customers on his skillful ability to deliver and set a storage shed exactly as the customer desires it. And customers remark on what a well-mannered and polite man he is. Jeremy takes great care to ensure the quality and delivery of each shed that he sells.

All of our products are built here in the Mid-West in the USA. Not only do we believe good, long-lasting quality products are important, but we also believe in good customer care. We strive to have one of us on hand to greet and assist customers on our sales lot and to answer any questions they have. We try to help them find the best shed for their personal storage needs or the best lawn decoration to help them beautify their property. And we stand behind all of the products we sell to guarantee their quality.

Our reputation rests on the quality of the products we carry and we believe in the old adage that “if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well.”

The Bible tells us to do unto others as we would have them do unto us. Since we do not want inferior quality products in our own yard, we do not want to offer lesser quality to you.

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Jeremy Nelson and John Pollock, owners
Hilltop Mini Buildings and Lawn Décor