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For information about the styles and sizes of our storage sheds, or for prices and sizes on our lawn furniture and décor, please contact Hilltop Mini Buildings and Lawn Décor at (309)596-2684 or (309)749-9547, or email us at quality@hilltoplawndecor.com.

Payment Information

All orders require a 20% deposit, with the balance due upon pickup or delivery. We accept cash, check, and credit cards.


All of our storage sheds are available on a Rent-to-Own plan. Nine top reasons to choose Rent-to-Own are:

  1. This plan allows you to quit paying rent for off-site storage which you will never own.
  2. Low monthly rates are comparable to off-site mini-storage rates per square foot.
  3. There’s a shed for every budget, and our no-strings plan lets you have your own storage facility in your own backyard or business.
  4. Your shed is delivered to your premises to give you a secure place to keep valuable possessions.
  5. These attractive sheds add value and beauty to your property.
  6. A 1-month security deposit is required, but there are no credit checks and you are not required to keep the shed.
  7. You will own the shed after 36 monthly payments, or there is an early buy-out option.
  8. You may simply rent the shed – a great idea for anyone in a temporary residence.

Phone Hilltop Mini Buildings and Lawn Décor at (309) 596-2684 or (309) 749-9547 for more information.

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