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For information about the styles and sizes of our storage sheds, or for prices and sizes on our lawn furniture and décor, please contact Hilltop Mini Buildings and Lawn Décor at (309)596-2684 or (309)749-9547, or email us at quality@hilltoplawndecor.com.

Amish Lawn Furniture

The Amish are well-known for their skilled craftsmanship in beautiful woodworking. They have long set the standard for durability, beauty, and comfort in outdoor furniture. This fine furniture gives you an inviting outdoor space in which to relax with family and friends and to refresh your soul as you enjoy the beauty of God’s creation.

We carry both the Amish-made wooden lawn furniture and their new beautiful, durable, and maintenance-free Poly lawn furniture. Both the wood and the Poly furniture are available in chairs, gliding chairs, 4 & 5 foot gliders, 4 & 5 foot swings, end tables, and stationary or gliding footstools.

Amish-Made Poly Furniture

Our new Poly Furniture is an easy-to-care-for furniture investment that can last a lifetime. Poly lumber furniture is the popular new way to enjoy life in the great outdoors. This lumber is made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) which is a recycled plastic, thus making it an environmentally friendly product.

This beautiful, strong, and comfortable furniture is easy to maintain by simply cleaning it regularly with non-abrasive soap and water. With regular washing, this easy to care for furniture will maintain its beauty and allow you to relax with family and friends in the enjoyment of your own backyard living. If properly cared for, this fine furniture investment will last many, many years.

The many advantages and easy maintenance of this furniture are:

  • Never needs to be painted or stained as the color runs completely through the lumber.
  • It is assembled with stainless steel hardware and reinforced with aluminum angle braces.
  • Poly furniture feels smooth, will not rot, splinter, crack, or warp, and contains an added UV protective agent to resist fading.
  • It is not affected by most corrosive products or spray from sea salt.
  • It will not promote bacterial growth and is termite resistant.
  • It can withstand the harshness of summer sun or winter weather.

Our Poly Furniture is available in a several colors in three styles – Adirondack, Horizontal, and Mini-Horizontal.

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This popular style is available in several colors as an armchair, a 2 foot Glider, a 2 foot Swivel Glider, a 4 foot Glider, a 4 ft. Swing, end table. Gliding Footstool, and Stationary Footstool.

Poly Mini-Horizontal Style

This style is very similar to the Horizontal Style, only in a slightly smaller size – the seat depth and back height are a little shorter than the Horizontal Style. This style is available as a 2 foot Gliding Chair, a 4 foot Glider, and a 4 foot Swing.

Poly Horizontal Style

This comfortable style is available in several colors as a 2 foot Glider, a 2 foot Swivel Glider, a 5 foot Glider, 4 or 5 foot Swing, end table, and a Gliding or Stationary Footstool.

Amish-Made Wood Outdoor Furniture

We carry three different styles of wood furniture – Rollback, English Garden, and Adirondack. All of our wooden furniture is made entirely of #1 grade treated yellow pine, kiln-dried before and after the treatment process. The result is a beautiful, lightweight lumber, free from the high moisture content of regular treated wood. This helps to protect the wood from the checking, cracking, and warping that so often occurs with regular #2 grade lumber. Our lumber is milled to a smooth surface and the edges are rounded. Then it’s carefully sorted to nearly eliminate unsightly knots and irregular wood grains. Our items come fully assembled and we use only the best quality galvanized, stainless steel or plated hardware. A yearly application of a good ultra violet (U.V.) water seal will greatly prolong the life of your furniture as well as enhance its appearance.

If you so desire, pressure-treated wooden furniture may simply be allowed to weather naturally over time. Or, you may paint or stain it. If you choose any of these variations, then you would not apply an oil based water seal.

Tighten all screws, nuts, bolts, etc. periodically.

Rollback Furniture

This top-quality Amish crafted Rollback furniture is very popular. The high back and gently contoured seat and back make this fine furniture extremely comfortable. It is beautifully finished with rounded edges and smooth sanded surfaces. Once you sit in it you will see why this is our best-selling line of wood furniture. Footstools are also available so you can put your feet up and relax.

English Garden Lawn Furniture

The classic styling of our English Garden line blends attractively with modern landscape and deck designs. The flowing top design on the back of each piece adds to the beauty of this comfortable furniture.

Adirondack Lawn Furniture

The Adirondack style is time-proven for popularity. You almost feel you are reclining in this comfortably contoured lower seat style with the rolled front edges on the seats. Galvanized screws and bolt construction, 2×6 arms and seat support, and 2×4 legs make for high quality furniture.