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For information about the styles and sizes of our storage sheds, or for prices and sizes on our lawn furniture and décor, please contact Hilltop Mini Buildings and Lawn Décor at (309)596-2684 or (309)749-9547, or email us at quality@hilltoplawndecor.com.


A scalloped arch tops this free-standing beauty made from treated wood. It measures 30” deep and 4’7” wide and is 7 ft. tall. It can also be adapted to hold a bench.


These decorative bridges are designed to add beauty to your garden or lawn landscape. They are made from treated lumber and measure 18 inches wide and 29 1/2 inches high from the ground to the top of the rails.

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We believe you will love our picnic table. The table top and bench boards are screwed from the bottom, leaving a perfectly smooth sanded top surface. Built from treated lumber, this table has a sturdy 2×6 framework, a table top made from four 2×8’s, and bench seats made from 2×10’x. All edges are routered and all corners cut to a 45° angle to prevent any sharp corners. The table measures 6 ft. long and has a 30 inch wide table top.


Treated Wood bench holds your flowers in center planter box. Bench stands 26″ high, 36″ long, and 15″ deep. Available unpainted or painted in white.


Beautify your home & property with these made-in-the-USA quality Amish-built windmills featuring an aluminum structure with stainless steel bolts & nuts – which means they will not rust and will never need to be painted. All fan tips & wind tails have permanent non-fade red decal tape applied for color. The fans have grease zerts and bearings to make sure your windmill will keep spinning for years to come. Each windmill comes with anchors to secure it to the ground. With 4 sizes from which to choose, there is sure to be one that is perfect for your yard.


These beautiful wishing wells made from treated lumber are designed to be able to hold a hanging basket under the roof, or to be able to plant flowers in the well area.