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For quality material, construction, and workmanship these Amish and Mennonite built mini storage sheds can't be beat! We are proud of the excellent craftsmanship and quality materials in these sheds and the fact that many customers have told us how well-built these sheds are. The sheds are available in either metal or treated wood. Both the wood and metal sheds are built complete with their own treated floor on treated 4x6 runners. To provide a level spot on your property for your shed, we recommend a level 3" - 6" gravel base, or a concrete slab, or for smaller sheds patio blocks may be used. The 2x4 framed single or double doors for all of the shed styles are individually key locked. In addition to the metal sheds, metal roofs are also available for the wood sheds. The metal roof allows for the placement of an optional ridgecap which is available to let in light like a window. Many other options are available for all of the shed styles. Both the metal and wooden sheds are delivered to your location fully assembled and ready to use.

Treated Wood Sheds - All exterior wood is pressure treated to protect against termite damage and decay, and treated T-111 siding is used. The Amish built sheds also have a protective ultra-violet (UV) coating applied. Exposed nails are galvanized to ensure no rust spots or stains. A series of screened air vents are positioned to create optimum circulation/temperature control.

Metal Sheds - These quality wood-framed metal sheds are maintenance free and are available in many choices of 30-year finished colors. As mentioned above, these sheds have treated floors on treated 4x6 runners and all doors are individually key locked.

We are dealers for two different Amish and Mennonite builders. Even though the sheds are very similar in design, each builder does offer different features and options. Sheds are available in many different sizes ranging from 8x8 up to 12x32. Email us at for a complete list of sizes, prices, and further information.

Treated Barn

Regular Barn

The Regular Barn is our economy model, designed for a long life of storage use. It is available in both metal or treated wood.

Metal Barn

Treated Garden Shed

Garden Shed

High sidewalls give good headroom for use as a shop or potting shed. It is available in both metal or treated wood. (wooden shed shown with optional window)

Metal Garden Shed

Treated Utility Barn

Utility Barn

This roomy shed features high side walls which allow you to add storage shelves or hang up tools for maximum storage. It is available in both metal or treated wood.

Metal Utility Barn

Treated Lofted Barn

Lofted Barn

This barn is designed for extra storage with a large loft with inside access. Choose single or double doors. It is available in both metal or treated wood.

Metal Lofted Barn

Wooden Side-Lofted Barn

Side-Lofted Barn

This is the same design as the Lofted Barn, but doors are placed on the side of the barn rather than the end wall. It is available in both metal or treated wood. Shown here with optional windows, shutters, and flower boxes which are available in your choice of colors.

Side-Lofted Barn



An option available on metal sheds is metal wainscoting along the lower outside edges of the sheds. The option is available in your choice of colors and can be used on all of the metal shed designs - regular barns, garden sheds, utility barns, lofted barns, etc.

Open-Sided Shed

Open-Sided Sheds


No details have been spared in workmanship or design to create these fine Amish-built Open-Sided Sheds in which to protect your horses or other animals.

Open-Sided Shed
10x12 10x16

These quality sheds are built from premium steel and are available in several sizes with many color choices. Each shed comes standard with kickpanels made of 2x8 Southern Yellow Pine Tongue and Grove. The shed has no floor and rests on 4x6 treated runners located directly on the ground. The ceiling is insulated to prevent condensation. Other features of these quality sheds include 2x6 rafters, 2x4 framing, solid 2" framing and kickplate, and an anchoring kit. Options available include a Vent Door measuring
46 3/4" x 18 1/2" or a Vent Door measuring 73 3/4" x 22".

Treated Cabin

Treated Cabin

Use as storage, a playhouse, or a lakeside retreat. It comes with a porch included in the floor size and includes a door and window on the porch. The porch floor uses 5/4 treated decking. Dimensions include porch for the length of the shed. The Treated Cabin is available in Wood only. Photo shown with optional shutters, window boxes, porch railings, and an extra window.

Treated Lofted Cabin

Lofted Cabin

For a home-away-from-home, this cabin gives you
maximum space with its large overhead loft and 4 ft. porch.
Photo shows optional windows and railings around the porch.
Available only in treated wood.

Portable Garage With Overhead Door

Treated Portable Garage

The floor joists of this self-contained portable garage are 12" on center with 3/4" treated plywood to create a strong floor to hold your car, truck, or tractor.  Optional window and entry door available.

Metal Portable Garage
Garage available in wood or metal. Photo of wood garage shown with optional entry door.

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