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Arbors create a lovely entrance to an outdoor wedding


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Create a dramatic entrance to your garden with these gorgeous quality-built arbors.

Small Roman Arch Large Roman Arch Arbor Scalloped Arbor

Small Roman Arch

Stands 7' tall with a 42" walkway.
This 3' x 4' arbor is shown with
optional arbor gate set and fences.



Quality is our priority

Large Roman Arch
shown here with optional rear
bench seat and rear lattice

Classic Roman Arches adorn this 7' tall, 6' wide, and 3' deep arbor designed to be planted in the ground. It's wide enough to hold a 4' swing or 5' glider with 64" walkway. Options available for this arbor include swing supports, rear bench sea, rear lattice, gate set, and fences.

Scalloped Arbor

Scalloped arch tops this free-standing beauty. 30" x 4'7" and is 7' tall. Can also be adapted to hold a bench.

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Large Rose Arbor Swing Stand

Large Rose Arbor Swing Stand

shown here with 5' Rollback Swing

This popular 4' x 7' arbor is 6-1/2" high and comes fully assembled with heavy-duty swing brackets ready to hold your swing. It can hold a 4' or 5' swing (swing sold separately).

Arbor without floor is shown here


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